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Children's Dentistry - Oral Health Care

Children’s Dentistry deals with the oral problems of children from their birth to adolescence. Children’s dentists have the experience to look after the children’s teeth, gums, and overall mouth cavity. 

As children begin to get their baby teeth from the age of 6 months and they start to lose their teeth by the age of 6 or 7 years. If not properly cared for, children may get permanent tooth pain or dental problems through both these stages of their life. 

For this purpose, The Smile Clinic offers experienced dentists to cure the children’s dental health problems properly.

Key Features of Our Child Dentistry

Along with expert dentists, The Smile Clinic the following child-loving features.

  • A kid-friendly clinic environment.
  • Special-sized dental equipment for kids’ check-ups.
  • An appealing environment that does not let your child get horrified.
  • Special dental experts who know how to deal with children.

Our Children's Dental Health Care Services

Our highly qualified dentists offer the following dental services for the care of your child’s teeth.

  • Care for gum diseases such as ulcers, mucoceles, short frenulum, and pediatric periodontal diseases.
  • Repair of defective tooth cavities.
  • Cure of oral conditions associated with diseases just like congenital heart disease, diabetes, asthma, hay fever, and hyperactivity problems.
  • Dental space management after the loss of premature teeth.
  • Emergency dental care and proper treatment for a child’s tooth injuries such as fracture knocked out, or displaced tooth.
  • Crucial factors of dental care such as teeth cleaning or whitening, fluoride treatment, and diet recommendations.
  • Realigning or straightening the disorder or misplaced teeth for a perfect bite and smile.
  • Children’s habit counseling such as the use of pacifiers or thumb sucking. 

Job of A Child's Dentist

Children’s Dentists know how to deal with children as children are not so cooperative just like adult dental patients. 

Our dentists use special techniques to make children comfortable at the clinic for proper treatment. Also, we have such equipment and tools that are specially designed by keeping the children’s requirements in the mind. 

Without any doubt, a dentist is the best choice to come over the oral problems related to a child’s after-birth growth of teeth as well as their loss at the age of six or seven years. They provide the best care to make your child’s smile effective, appealing, and perfect.

We Offer You an Effective Children's Dentistry

The overall growth, health, and happiness of a child are greatly dependent on his oral health, so never compromise or overlook the dental problems of the child. Particularly, don’t forget to visit a dentist when your child is getting afterbirth teeth or he/she is losing his premature teeth as these stages of life may be painful for a child in some cases.

We have proper treatment of all your children’s dental problems under the supervision of highly qualified dentists. Visit Smile Clinic or contact us at 1300 738 590 to get an appointment to keep your child ever-growing!

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