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Your smile is the most important asset you have! It’s one of the first things friends and strangers notice about you. It can change a stare into a smile, and a frown into a grin! So, if you’re looking for a change, you can get it with just a simple visit to a professional The Smile Clinic in Wantirna! Conveniently located in the centre of Wantirna, you will find our services approachable and affordable without compromising results!


Range of Dental Treatment Solutions:

Oral hygiene is one of the key contributors to healthy living, but many are unaware of the importance of doing so until they are faced with the consequences of poor hygiene. If you are looking to improve your dental hygiene, we recommend you set up a dentist appointment with us, where we will provide you with a one-on-one consultation to help you understand the problems and risks and give you a proper treatment plan. The Smile Clinic offers a comprehensive range of treatments in almost all dental fields, and with our dedicated team of dental specialists at the ready, we can provide you with the best oral hygiene possible! Enlisted are some of the treatments that we offer to regain your oral health:


1. Scale And Clean Services:

When your teeth are heavily covered with plaque and tartar, the first step is to remove it completely before you proceed further. With our services, we can remove all that plaque and tartar before using one of the options below to remove any remaining bacteria.


2. Dental Implants:

Dental Implant is a well-tested dental procedure for replacing broken teeth. It uses a titanium implant to replace a broken tooth root and provide dental crowns to be fixed on it. It is modified so that we can restore any missing tooth or bridge with dental crowns. Our professionals are skilled in handling every type of dental implant. All our dental implant treatments are performed with a high degree of precision and oversight and are custom designed to meet the needs of every patient, exactly.


3. Dental Crowns and Bridges:

Our practice offers both metal and non-metal dental crowns or dental bridges. They are custom-made from porcelain or custom-blended materials, and then securely bonded atop your damaged tooth. This procedure preserves your natural tooth while preventing further damage to tooth decay, at the same time providing you with the perfect smile!


4. Emergency Dental Services:

We can’t always ensure that we will remain pain-free and our teeth will remain clean and healthy. Sometimes, you will need to take the initiative to make your appointments on time to keep up with your oral hygiene. But at times, it goes beyond your control. In that case, we will be there to help you relieve any pain, get you treated and recover fast.


5. Wisdom Tooth Removal:

Wisdom teeth, also called the third molars, are an additional set of teeth located at the back of the mouth. They are the last teeth to erupt. However, usually, they don’t erupt in a timely manner, causing the gum to become inflamed and infected. In such a case, your wisdom teeth need to be removed to save your gums and the jawbone.


6. Children’s Dentistry:

Keeping your child’s teeth healthy is just as important as your own, and is crucial to maintaining optimal oral health as they grow and develop. At The Smile Clinic, we know how stressful it can be to take your children to the dentist, which is why we are dedicated to making the experience as comfortable and easy for them and you. We take special care to make sure pediatric dentistry is as painless as possible for your child, with the goal of making visits a positive and enriching experience for them.


7. Dental Fillings:

Dental fillings are generally needed when a cavity or tooth decay is detected, or a tooth is damaged in some way. A filling is created to restore the tooth, to fill the hole and to make the tooth strong once again and restore its function. From porcelain to composite fillings, we can give your teeth a new shine and durability with just a visit to our dental clinic. Our dentists can create a cosmetic solution for you to improve your smile.


8. Tooth Extraction Services:

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure in which a tooth is removed from its socket in the jaws bone and surrounding alveolar process by a dentist. Essentially, we use a scaling and root planning procedure to ease the tooth out and then pull it out. Tooth extraction is frequently used to remedy and combat abscesses. In many cases, it is performed together with implant placement.


9. Root Canal Treatment:

Root canals play an important role in the mouth. They can be used to join teeth with implants, bridges, or other dental work. But in some cases, the pulp in the tooth is damaged due to tooth decay or injury. In such a case, the root canal is needed to clean it and restore the tooth’s natural and strong structure. The root canal is a tunnel that goes from the top of your tooth to the tip. This area involves two main nerves, which conduct the sensory information from the tooth. The space between the nerve and the tooth is known as the pulp chamber. Once the nerve is damaged, there is a connection for bacteria to invade, and your tooth can decay and rot away.


10. Teeth Whitening:

Tooth whitening is the process of removing discolourations on tooth surfaces to improve the appearance of a person’s smile. Tooth whitening treatment can lighten the tooth colour by up to 7 shades or more. It is one of the best solutions for patients with darkly stained teeth and can remove stubborn high sugar metabolisms to remove many years of tobacco use. A personalized tooth whitening treatment plan can be used to achieve your desired level of whiteness.


11. Dental Veneers:

Dental veneers are thin shells of porcelain which are shaped and bonded to be placed on the front surfaces of teeth to hide flaws and repair chips, cracks, stains and yellowing. These tiny shells look perfect on the front of the teeth and can repair a wide variety of cosmetic flaws. Our dentists in Wantirna often apply veneers to improve the shape and colour of teeth. Custom-made to your unique gum line and tooth shade, they can absolutely improve the aesthetics of your smile and even the way you bite and chew.


Who Are We?

The Smile Clinic Is The ultimate destination for best-personalized dentistry in Wantirna. Boasting decades of experience and skill in all facets of dentistry, only The Smile Clinic will provide you with a range of dental services that will leave you feeling confident in your smile again! Committed at always staying ahead with the latest technologies, solutions and services, we go beyond the ordinary!

With a dedicated team of highly-skilled and experienced dentists, you can be assured your treatment will go smoothly. At The Smile Clinic, we know how scary a dental treatment can be, which is why we do our very best to ease the tension.

With our dedicated dental team oriented towards putting you at ease, you can rest assured your treatment will be as pain-free as possible! They will use their wealth of knowledge to tailor an individual treatment plan that is as unique to you as you are!


A Comprehensive Service Experience:

Your visit to our practise should be more than just a treatment; it should be an experience! That’s why it is important that you are looked after from the moment you sign in to your final appointment. We will ensure you are looked after with every step of service from the front desk to check out. And since we are always improving our services, your criticism and suggestions will always be valuable to us.


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For a hassle-free service experience, you can book an appointment online, or through the over the phone. If you have a question, you can either come in and discuss it with our advisors or let us know whenever you are ready. We will be here to guide you through every step of your visit.